25 November 2014

 Agenda 25 November 2014 [more]

28 October 2014

Agenda 28 October 2014 Minute 28 October 2014 [more]

30 September 2014

Agenda 30 September 2014 Minute 30 September 2014 [more]

26 August 2014

Agenda 26 August 2014 Minute 26 August 2014       [more]

24 June 2014

Agenda 24 June 2014 [more]

The Kilmacolm Community Council meets every month in the Kilmacolm Community Centre except for July and December.  Our meetings include discussions on local planning issues, policing, schools, traffic and much more.  If you have something to say about what is  happening locally, then do something about it… come along and meet with your Kilmacolm Community Council. We look forward to meeting you or hearing from you! You can find out about our recent discussions and decisions and the agenda on the Meetings page.

Next Meeting of Kilmacolm Community Council

The next meeting of the Kilmacolm Community Council takes place at 7:30pm on Tuesday 25 November 2014 in the Kilmacolm Community Centre.  Members of the community are most welcome to attend the meeting.