HRMC Scams

MP Highlights Christmas phone and online scamming

Ronnie Cowan MP (SNP) is highlighting how HMRC have seen a recent rise in telephone scams. These involve a caller claiming to be from HMRC, demanding payment of a tax debt and threatening immediate action. Fraudsters sometimes spoof legitimate HMRC phone numbers.

HMRC recommends that if you cannot verify the identity of a caller, do not speak to them. You can check GOV.UK for information on genuine HMRC contact and on how to avoid and report internet scams.

People are also encouraged to report suspicious calls or emails at and to send suspicious texts to 60599.

Mr Cowan said;

“I would encourage Inverclyde residents to be aware of potential fraudsters who try to spoof legitimate HMRC phone numbers.

 “If you notice anything suspicious then please email and send suspicious texts to 60599.”